About Me

Mum-ing hard, working hard and playing hard. Juggling, sometimes struggling but mostly just winging it.

Two biscuit-loving kids and an ale-loving husband to keep me company. White wine and tea for me.

The blog name is a reflection of child language development in our house. Biscuit was definitely one of Martha’s first ten words.

She soon found that adding ‘please’ and ‘mummy’ resulted in more effective dishing out of biscuits.

One day shortly before her second birthday we had (shock, horror) run out of biscuits and the little minx chimed up with: ‘Go shops, buy biscuits please, Mummy.’ And of course I did.

Martha’s favourites are chocolate hobnobs and bourbons.

Olive is still testing out what’s on offer but is currently leaning towards a classic Rich Tea.

And for me, it’s got to be a malted milk. Absolutely no dunking.

Say hello: biscuitpleasemummy@gmail.com